Monday, December 31, 2007

Catching Up From Christmas and Into The New Year

BEWARE: LONG POST AHEAD!!!!! Grab a cup of whatever you prefer tea, coffee, or hot cocoa - I do all. I do apologize for not posting in so long. I am hostess of the coffee swap and require people to post but to be quiet honest I just haven't felt like it.

So, where I left off at last year until today. Here is the picture we used for the family Christmas cards. I had intended on sending them out to all of my knitting friends but I got mine out to my family the week before Christmas and was doing good to get that done. I usually don't wait until the last minute to get the boys Christmas bought for. This year no excuse I did wait and paid severly for it. They got all that they wanted and was good for them. I might usually have one thing to pick up late but not their whole Christmas. So, the weekend of the 15th, I went shopping and finished their Christmas. I bought groceries for Christmas the 22nd with my MIL. So, I was out in all that shopping mess and stress so, bad I could not think what I needed to go get next.

The week before Christmas I attended the boys Christmas parties. For my youngest sons party it was made easy for me, thank goodness. I had to bring icing to ice the kids cookies. Cameron of course was so good. He packed himself in both the boys school bags, so he would be ready to go to the Christmas party and see his friends from the North Pole. I think I counted 5 elves in my youngest sons class. However, my youngest was sick. His teacher would have sent him home, but new he looked forward to his party. He cough his head off for that 1 hour of partying.

Here is my oldest son's party Don't you love his shirt. It says tough guys where pink - love it and so does he. Ok, I am willing to do anything a room mother agrees to do for a class, but filling stockings and everyone bringing something to fill a stocking, I think is ridiculous. They had fun, but my oldest wanted lip gloss and nail polish for the 8 girls and something cool for the boys. Can you say expensive. We settled on just lip gloss for the girls and miniture skate boards for the boys. I still came out paying about $37 for their gifts. Cameron likes to party when it comes to Christmas.

Speaking of good old Cameron, he stayed busy every night after the boys were in bed. He made reindeer food for the boys to throw out on the lawn for the reindeers. He left Christmas books for the boys, Rudolph and Frosty. He hung garland and lights inside instead of outside. He decorated the den with red and green streamers as you can see in the picture. Then Santa picked him up when he brought the kids presents.

My sister came home the 21st. She got in at 10:50pm. I didn't make it to the airport, but I met her at the in laws at 11:30pm well, to tell her glad she made it, give her a hug and to pick up her 10 gold chenille squares that I would need to start slip stiching together with my red. She had 6. I began that night and worked until about 2a.m. Got up the next morning and had to get the meal ready. I had invited my sister, her husband, my brother, my dad and his girlfriend over for a late lunch. The meal was great. As soon as everyone left, well I went back to slip stitching squares together. Oh, I forgot the squares was for my mom on Chistmas Eve. It was making a throw blanket. 44" x 55".

I got my 1st gift from my friend and Cohost Anne. She sent me some Sugar's and Cream yarn and some of Sharon's yummy soap that I love. There was a canister of chocolates that I assure you are gone from Me and my boys. There was a ornament that went on the tree of a Christmas knitted sweater that had a snow flake on it. Thank you so much Anne. You are a sweetheart. I am glad you are home now.

Christmas Eve, eve -23rd we have a Christmas party for the girls in our family. My grandmother, my mom and her sister (aunt), her girls and then my sister and me. We choose a location the year before and a gift theme. I was so excited about it this year, it was a basket theme. I got my stuff last year on clearance and it was a snowman basket. It turned out really cute and my sister got my basket. We play dirty Santa with the gifts. So, you don't always end up with the basket you pick at first. It can get taken away from you. After 1 other basket I ended up with my mom's basket. It had 4 of the cutest, big Christmas mugs filled with Cocoa, coffee, Chocolate sticks, biscotti, a coffee measuring scoop, 1lb bag of Nutcracker coffee and a bag of Chocolate cover Marshmallows. Aside from our dirty santa gift, we all bring a little something for each of us. We brought little gifts of a tea towels, peppermint bark, jeweled cross ornament, I made bags with recipes for Fireside Coffee.

Christmas Eve, was at my moms. It was lots of fun. We really enjoyed it and so did the kids. I didn't finish the throw and I am putting the double crochet border around it as we speak. It is so warm, soft and really a gorgeous throw. I will post when it is finished.

My sister and I always gift eachother, on Christmas morning at the wee hours of 12am. That is what time we get back from the 10:30 service at my dads church where he sings. When she saw that I could Knit and Crochet she made the suggestion that for our gifts to eachother, we would have something hand made and a book. Well, she went way beyond the suggestion. I also saved a very special present for her. She got her Coffee Swap package as her first gift on Christmas. Anne was sneaky enough to send it to my house.

My sister forgot this great gift in my Christmas gift, it is a antique tea canister. If anyone can tell me where I can find a Flour and Sugar to match it, for my kitchen we are remodeling, I will send you some yarn goodies in the mail.

This was all in a basket from my sister. Some Classic Elite Berrocco yarn, Sugars and Cream, Stitchmarkers she made, a guage measure, row counter, tea strainer, some Chai tea latte mix that I love and makes great Chai tea Latte cookies and for the book that is not pictured I got the sign copy that she stood 3 1/2 hours in line for of Christmas With Paula Dean. My sister is the best. I just got her the Stitch n Bitch Calendar and I didn't finish her present. I couldn't figure out what to make her cause she could do everything. I started her a advent calendar that I pulled the sewing machine out for, for my 1st time. It isn't perfect, but she knows when it is finish she will love it. We had one growing up that we loved and I am making it similar to the one of our childhood memories.

Here is what the boys gave me. A Coffee/Espresso machine. Mine of 3 1/2 years quit frothing milk this year. Everyone knew that I like mugs, coffee, tea and cocoa because I got a whole lot of it.

The boys had a good Christmas, both got skate boards, youngest got his Nintendo DS and oldest got X-Box 360. My oldest changed his mind 2 days before Christmas and said he wanted a Drum set. I told him Cameron was done making toys, because he was down here living with us. Maybe next year you can let him know sooner than two days before Christmas when Santa is already packing his sleigh to make his trip around the world.

I know if everything was good for Christmas, where have I been? Well, the part I left out was Thursday December 20th, I went into work and was talking to one of my coworkers and she tells me of this tragic story. The father/husband is one of our most dearest residents that everyone loves. It changed the whole atmosphere at work, everyone just walked around so in a daze, like this didn't just happen to him. I am one of the research nurses for our Ortho/Trauma and we go to morning report to hear what comes in. All the shootings and horrible car wrecks but it isn't someone you know and at this time of year. He is a great guy, and so kind. He wrote the obituary, which is here. Well, we went on into Christmas and to be honest it just wasn't the same as Christmas's before. The stress of finishing a project, pulling off meals, staying up late and getting up early. Left me tired and exausted. I spent the day after Christmas shopping with my sister and my mom. Hit the LYS sale. Went home and crashed. I know my sister was here but we always had to be somewhere and I couldn't just sit down, put in a movie and knit with her. I went back to work on the 27th and by then I was just depressed. I thought did Christmas really happen. I have a tree here without any presents under it but what happen to the joy of Christmas, I usually have. I am a kid when the Day after Thanksgiving gets here and this year, the spirit wasn't there. I tried, I did the elf and decorated but it all caught up with me. The day I went back to work I went to the Memorial Service of Dr. Bankston's wife and son. It was heart wrenching and literally went home and cried until I went to bed. As I went into the weekend, which I was on call. I had to be at work for morning report at 7 a.m.. Got back home Saturday morning, got in my bed and stayed until I went to bed. Sunday, I went to church and did the same. Things started to get a little better, by Sunday. The Christmas blues have subsided. That is where I disappeared to for 2 1/2weeks.
Here is a good point to refill your cup and get a snack.
As for the New Year a little reflection on the old :
The Christmas before I had recieved from my sister a Stitch n Bitch Knitting book and from my husband how to Crochet kit. So, from January til about June I toiled aound with both gifts and taught myself to do basics in knitting and crocheting. While checking my sisters blog out and seeing all the swaps she was in, I decided to start my own blog and found my first swap. So, we will start with June.

June: Registered for the Dog Days of Summer swap.

July: My spoiler for the swap was Karen and I spoiled Mommie of Drew. Chan was my hostess along with Anne. Karen sent me a great package. I made my first set of Stitch Markers. I entered a contest and knitted up a Mandy's Candy bag pattern writer NH Knitting Mama, which I have enjoyed visiting her blog and her etsy store full of gorgeous, soft yarns.
August: Got signed up for the Knit 1 Tea 2 Swap, and the Fall Into Autumn Swap. Won, my 1st contest from the Dog Days of Summer and got some goodies and yarn for my stash. Chan nominated me Rockin Girl Blogger. Crochet my 1st pair of premature baby booties and a hat for a fellow coworker's premature son, who is growing by leaps and bounds. I got paired up with Sharon for the Color of The Month Swap, which was pink. She showered me with some non-animal pink goodies. Noone signed up for my Pay It Forward, so I don't have any goodies to go to anyone. I guess I can pay it too some charity knitting this year.

September: Started my son's blanket. Made my tea cozy without a pattern to fit a tea for one for my pal Jasmine.
October: I got my wonderful tea package from whom I enjoyed chatting with from Devon, the hostess was spoiling me from the tea swap. She is just a cool person to get to know and if you have the chance you should pop in and visit her. Was very saddened by the loss of Chan's baby, Fred. Got to working on becoming a host with the great Anne for the Winter Wonderland Coffee Swap. Used DPN's for a dishcloth for the first time. Worked on a Angel Package for JoAnn and the Fall Dishcloth Package for Kathy. While working on all these swaps and being harassed by my sister, I was working on her Crochet market bag for her birthday which I surprised her and flew all the way across the U.S. and showed up at her neighbors house 4 days before her birthday. You know I love you sis.

November: Came home for 3 days from Washington and went to Baltimore for a meeting for work. Got a great Fall Dishcloth Package from David and For October color of the month got a great yellow package with some yummy yarns from Ranee, which I could have delivered her package to her door when I was visiting my sister. The Coffee Swap I was hosting was well under way.

December: Started a scarf for my niece. Finished 1 Fingerless glove, have the thumb left on the 2nd. Made my mom a throw blanket, and used my sewing machine for the 1st time for my sisters Advent Calendar. Cameron came back to live with us until Christmas. Spoiled Michelle for the Coffee Swap. Was spoiled more by reading her blog, chatting with her and her sharing all her fun crafty ideas.
With this year, I met alot of new friends, Jessi, Mary and the ones mentioned above which I have grown to cherish. Had fun in some swaps. I believe in eating black eyed peas - for good luck, greens- to be wealthy and - pork for prosperity for New Years. I got a new job, which I love and brought me more money to support this bad yarn habit I have taken up. Last year I manage to keep my resolution of losing weight and keeping it off.
As I start the new year, I have already signed up on a sock class, I would like to do a lace project and I am starting Christmas ahead this year, so there will not be any Christmas blues next year.

I would like to find time to meet with the close knitters around me, like the Knit Nights.

I hope this makes up for the not posting. See you all this year. Happy New Year my friends and family!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Cameron Update

Mr. Cameron has been busy at our house. He has played hide & seek in the tree with all rudolph friends. Dad (aka Roman) had a talk with him the next morning that he could not be playing in the tree. He has brought snow, that I bragged about. Its a royal pain. The boys forgot to sprinkle him last night and feed him, so he was starving. He decided to use his magic and he came back with "The Golden Arches" McDonalds. He sure eats alot to be a little guy.
My oldest wrote him a letter asking him all kinds of questions. Cameron writes his letters backwards, so the kids read them up to the light on the other side. My son wrote his letter of questions backwards so he could read it. It asked what school he went to and I put Elf Magic University. I will keep you posted on the little guy.

The Love Of A Child

This week at school was the Santa Shop. You know where you give the kid a $20 and they come back with something that maybe cost $1 or $2 at the store times 3 family members and a friend. You catch my drift. The boys were overly ecstatic about this, they could not wait to buy something for mom and dad. My youngest son went on Tuesday and got his present. He called and called me from his papa's to come get him, he got me something I was going to love. He got home, he said that one year he broke one of my Santas, if he did I never knew it. So, he said he bought me one to replace it. Then my oldest went the next day. He called and called at work, when are you going to be home, I told him since I had been out for the last two days (with a kidney stone) that I had to work. I promise I would be home before he went to bed. I drove into the garage and he opened the door to hand me a little black box. I opened it and it was a ring. He said mom I got you a diamond ring. It is real and it cost $6. I gasped and told him it was beautiful and I loved it.
We got upstairs and got settled, it was close to bedtime. I asked the boys, "Could you not wait til Christmas to give us our presents?" His reply was, "No mom, because I couldn't wait to see you smile."

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

A Visitor

It's that time of year. I have two boys and two Christmas's ago, my son in his letter to Santa asked for a elf. So, two nights ago our visitor came to visit for the month of December until Christmas Eve, when Santa will pick him up and take him back to the North Pole to start on next years toys. He is a little late this year, well Cameron is his name made a surprise visit in the middle of Summer. So, he was a little behind in the toy making. You can find others like Cameron here. It is great for kids imagination. My boys love their elf. You have to sprinkle the elf at night time with the magic snow flakes (comes with the elf). Leave him some crackers and water out to eat. The snow makes him come alive after the kids go to bed. Elves sleep during the
day. The crackers are like the crunching of you walking in the snow and the water is the melted snow. Cameron is a mess. He makes messes and the kids know they have to clean it up. He is very mischievious and gets into everything. I will have to leave some post up on what he is getting into. He got caught up on his sleep last night, the night he came he brought them a elf ornament for the tree. Tonight he decorated with themes the boys Christmas trees in their room. Austin's is John Deere Tractors and Dylan's is Sponge Bob. He helps me finish decorating the house for Christmas some nights, he brings presents tomorrow night he will bring Candy canes for the trees with the story of the candy cane and for one of his big surprise closer to Christmas (since we don't see snow in Alabama) he is going to cover the hall floor in snow. So, when I mention what Cameron has done, you will know who we are talking about. He is our tradition now, and for a month a edition to the family.

Now for the knitting news. I am trying to get a hat out for Suzie. I casted on tonight with some soft Blue Sky dyed cotton. It will be so soft.

Well, that will be it for now.

Monday, December 3, 2007

A Swap and A Contest

I found this contest and swap at my friend Anne and Mary's blog. What a easy contest and the swap sounds really great. When it is cold in the middle of winter that Hot Cocoa can warm you and make you feel all toasty inside. Here's the details on the contest and swap.

Spread the word to your knitting friends... that's what this contest is all about.We're hosting a cocoa , beat the winter blahs swap... from January 1- February 28. For an entry into this contest, post about the swap on your blog and then leave a comment on the swap blog letting us know you've done your part in spreading the word.You'll receive one additional entry for each person who tells us YOU sent them here.So hop to it folks... spread the word!This contest runs from December 1- December 15, our signups begin on December 16!!!

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Some Christmas Knitting,Only To Get Side Tracked and Back On Course

This is 3 1/2 squares to a throw that is for a Christmas present. I will have 6 left to go after tonight. The other 10 my sister is bringing. When it is all finished, we will take pictures. It's the Lion Brand Chenille. I would get alot more done, if I didn't pet it every row.

So, I took a break from doing squares and decided to make the Noro Fingerless gloves from here. She has some great patterns. I had some Noro, but I thought they would be to itchy. So, I used my soft SWS . They are real stringy and I kept getting yarn in my eye and irritating it. I like the striping it made. Lets just hope it doesn't end up in the washer machine. Chan, has told me how quick it felts. I haven't made the other one yet. Maybe after Christmas.
Thanksgiving I was at the IL's and just knitting away on those squares. Well my 3 nieces suckered me into doing them scarves. We draw names and I sure didn't get theirs, but because I am just that sweet of a Aunt and don't have it in me to tell anyone no. I will get them done. The girls picked colors, well they are getting all the same so they don't argue and it covers every color they asked for pink, blue, turquoise, and bright green. They even got some orange and yellow. It is bound to match some of their clothes.
I had a sick child this weekend with the throw up virus, I pray we don't get it. He is feeling much better. We went to the neighboring communities parade last night. My oldest son lost a tooth tonight. He worked so hard on getting it out. It was a busy weekend. Well, off to finish my square.
Yes Lacey, I know you are probably doubting my abilities to make you something too for Christmas and get it on time. Yours is a very special present and you aren't going to be let down. After Christmas, I am going to go ahead and start on your next years because I know what I am going to do. You are going to love both.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Coffee Talk and Some Contests

What is the ideal setting for enjoying the perfect cup of coffee? Who would be there - or would you be alone? Inside or out? Morning or night? With food or just the steaming cup of joe?

For me, the perfect cup of coffee is enjoyed several ways. I love coffee in the morning on the weekends while reading up on the blogs and the other way would be with good company at Starbucks. Their coffee is always like dessert.

Now I have seen a few contest out and about. My friend Chan has got a contest going. To get an entry, she just wants to know what is your favorite charity and why.

My favorite charity, to just donate time would be the Jimmie Hale Mission. However, this year they had enough people at Thanksgiving to feed the homeless. I also give to this charity one of my favorite music artist, Dave Barnes supports it. I figure as many white chocolate mocha's I drink at Starbucks 2 could help the kids in Africa. I know, people in America need help too, but I figure if I can't go be a missionary than maybe I could help in another way. So, there is my charitable givings.

The other contest Anne sent me to was over at Jane's she is celebrating her 300th post. Yay Jane! She has a cute granddaughter who this week she is crocheting all white hats for her grand daughters cheerleading team, so they can wear them in the Christmas parade next Saturday. What a good grandmother. Anyway, back to the contest. Jane wants to know something you do that is weird. Well, for me I am sure I do alot of weird things, but when I eat chips, I separate them from smallest to biggest. I eat the crumbs, the small ones and then the big chips. Pretty weird, I know, just one of those OCD's I have.

Well, that does it for me tonight. Knitting projects to come this week.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hey all my blogging buddies out there I want to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you enjoy your families. Eat lots of good food and to all who are the brave ones, Happy Shopping tomorrow. Stay safe.

Now I leave you with this...
You Are Lemon Meringue Pie

You're the perfect combo of sassy and sweet.
You always know how to brighten someone's mood, but you're not overly sappy.
In fact, you can be a bit too honest at times. And most people find that refreshing.
While you're always true to yourself, you keep things light. That's how people are able to stomach your slightly bitter outlook.

Those who like you have well refined tastes.
You're complicated - and let's face it - a true enigma.
You enjoy defying expectations, and there are many layers to your personality.
There's not one easy way to define you.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Coffee Talk Topic #3

Gosh, I just realized I didn't post last week and I gave the topic. Hope you don't think I am bad hosting. Well, here is this weeks.

The Thursday upcoming is Thanksgiving in the U.S., so let's all - American and not alike! - just share a post with what it is we're thankful for. A wonderful thing to do any time of year, I thought it'd be a nice thing to share for this week with the group!

I am thankful for my family. It's always fun to have them around and spend time with them.

I am thankful for my great job this year, that got me off nights and on a normal schedule.

I am thankful for all my new knitting friends and pals. I love chatting and learning from you guys.

I hope wherever everyone ends up, has a good Thanksgiving day. Gobble! Gobble!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

For A Change

Ok, I have entered this yarn blah, since I got back from traveling, maybe it is because I have so much to do at home. Yes Lacey, I will get to work on Mom's present.
I haven't really wanted to pick up a hook or needle so I picked up a tiny real sewing needle and finished the paw prints on this smocking plate. I did the tigers about 5 years ago for a girl I worked with, that up and quit her job and I never heard back. I haven't known to many Auburn folks who have kids. So when I found it stuck in a drawer and all it needed was the french knots on the paws, I decided to finish it. This lovely piece of work is going to Jessi. She is for Auburn and has a little girl. She can put this in a little girls jumper or dress. Sorry Jessi it so late in the football season, if you decide to put it in a jumper, you can probably make it big enough for next year or save it til next football season. I am just glad it will be put to good use.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Goody's and FO's

I know I haven't posted any, what they call yarn porn in along time, so here you go. I came home from Baltimore from a class on Saturday and came home to two great swap packages. This was my Yellow Package from Ranee. She gave me some pastel yellow silk. I have never had silk, wonder what it can become. There was some cashmere/cotton and elastic cotton. Along with the yarney goodness she sent, there was some lemon verbena soap, a yellow candle that smells wonderful and lots of yellow kool-aid that will be put to good use for dyeing yarn.

Then David from the "Fall into Autumn" dishcloth swap sent me this package. Perfect for fall. I love the dishcloth, it is pink (love pink anytime of year). I got lots of chocolate, my favorite it's the one in the middle with Chocolate crisp in the middle and coffee flavor yum! I love every fall, candy corn and pumpkins. He sent me one of my favorite hand soaps from Bath and Body Works and some Pampered Chef lemon and rosemary lotion. The yarn is Araucania wool, in the most amazing fall colors.
Ranee and David both really spoiled me and it was so great to come home and have packages for me to open. As soon as I walked in the door, dropped the bags and sat down, the boys came running with the two boxes. They had waited so patiently to open.

I haven't posted any finish projects in a while. I finished two dishcloths you can find here and here. For JoAnn, which her pal fell through this summer, I made her the "Springtime Dishcloth" at I live on a farm. There is alot of great free patterns at that website. I made with some lavender TLC 100% pure cotton. It was so soft. I love that yarn. It would make a great cloth for washing your face it is so soft. For the Fall Dishcloth Swap, I had Kathy. Kathy was the great pal who didn't let on that I accidentally typed my name in a email, that crushed me when I did it. She was so much fun to get to know. Both of these new pals have been awesome to spoil. I will continue to be in contact with them.
Now for the long waited surprise I worked on for the last month and 1/2. I made my first bag. It is a market bag for my sisters Birthday present. Since I have learned to knit and crochet, we give eachother made items and I love it. They are so much more meaningful than the everyday gift card. However, I will take a gift card to the LYS's anytime. This bag was crocheted and made with Cotton Ease. So, taking turns and in between swaps, this is what I was working on. So, I hope all my blogging friends got their fix with this little snip bit of "Yarn porn.".
Oh, one more thing, while I was gone to Baltimore, I got my invite to RAVELRY. Don't have a clue what it is, and what I am suppose to do with it, but I will figure it out and all its greatness I hear my friends raving about. Don't remember what my name is there. When I figure it out, I will let you all know.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

I Am Back

I am back from traveling. I went to Seattle to see my sister for her Birthday and I came home for 3days and left again for a work trip to Baltimore. I am catching up. My last 3 weeks have been a whirlwind. I started by being on call the weekend before I left to see my sister, I had a Birthday party for my son that same weekend, went to Seattle for 5days, came home, went Trick Treating, on Halloween and left for Baltimore the next day. I got home yesterday, and I have been doing matches for the Winter Wonderland Swap.

I have pictures to post, Spoilers to thank, and just catching up. However, it will be this evening. I am going to fix lunch for my boys now and then we are off to see Finding Nemo on Ice. See you this evening!

Winter Wonderland Coffee Swap Topic of the Week #1

Here is this week's topic of the week:When did you first start drinking coffee? What age were you? Was it about the caffeine, or do you love the taste and smell? Tell us how your passion began!

I started about 8 years ago. I was about 26 years old. I love Cinnamon and a girl at work had a Cinnamon Latte from Starbucks, and it smelled wonderful. So, I thought I would go out on a limb and try it one day when I was on my way to work. At the time I worked nights and that is all I needed to get through the night. As the holidays rolled around that year, I started trying new flavors they put out. I love Pumpkin Spice Lattes, Eggnog, Toffee Nut, Caramel Macchiato's, and just about anything with a little flavor. My husband got tired of the $4.50 drinks coming out of the monthly account, so he bought me a cappucino machine/coffee maker. I started making my own lattes (Starbucks sells their syrups) and still bought some. I started making some flavored coffees in the coffee maker. I used that machine for 5 years and it died this year. I haven't replaced it, yet. I am hoping for Christmas I will get another.

I do love to go into coffee shops, the smell is wonderful. That is how my love of coffee came about.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

A Little Sisterly Love

My Sister didn't have a whole lot of faith in me, and rightfully so when it came to her birthday present. I didn't follow through last year with her book, that I called on her Birthday and told her I was reading it. Well, I have heard for weeks, that she would not get her present until Christmas. I hate to be doubted and second guess. It makes me want to prove you wrong that much more. So, while induring comments that I would not make up there before Christmas and she wouldn't get her Birthday present til Christmas. I held my plane ticket in the palm of my hand, while crocheting thousands of stitches for her Christmas present. I couldn't let her down this year, so what did I do? I showed up 4 days before her birthday unannounced. I love my sister more than she will ever know and I wouldn't let her down for anything.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Winter Wonderland Coffee Swap

Here is my questionaire to the Winter Wonderland Coffee Swap. Anne and I are excited about this one.


What are your favorite kinds of coffee? (Brands, Roasts, anything at all you'd like to share!) I like Starbucks expresso lattes, Barneys has some really good holiday flavors and O'Henrys has a flavored roast that I like as well.

Do you prefer whole bean or ground coffee? I don't have a grinder so it is grounds for me.

This time of year, there are often Holiday Blends available, and many flavored coffees - do you drink flavored coffee? Do you enjoy special blends? I love Barney's Santas White Christmas, Starbucks Pumpkin Spice and it is now holiday flavor but O'Henry's Jamaca me Crazy is so good.

How do you take your coffee? Cream and Sugar? Straight up? Decaf? I like lots of milk and foam. Splenda or flavored syrup. Half caf and half decaf.

Do you prefer drinking from a nice thick mug, or a matched cup and saucer? I like mugs or my travel mugs from Starbucks (season themed) and my pink travel mug from Barney's (thanks Lacey)

Winter and Holidays - PLEASE be descriptive! Your pal will need this information to be sure to put together a package you will enjoy!

What is your favorite part of Winter? I like for it to get cold enough to wear my sweaters and a dusting of snow is nice.

Do you celebrate a holiday in December, and if so, which holiday? I celebrate Christmas very traditional. Love traditions, old and new.

If you celebrate Christmas, do you put up a tree? Yes I put up a tree. It has alot of what the boys have made and their Hallmark collector ornaments and lots of Santas and Snowmen. The boys get their trees put up after Thanksgiving by Cameron (our elf) who lives with us starting the week after Thanksgiving.

Would you enjoy items related to the holiday, or would you prefer a Winter themed package? I am flexible and love surprises. Holiday or Winter is great for me.

Do you collect anything? Are there any holiday or winter-themed items (Snowmen, Angels, Snoflakes, Santas, etc) that you collect? I have Santas in my den, and Snowmen in my kitchen.

Do you wear scarves? Mittens? Hats? I do wear scarves and gloves when it is cold enough. I want to cast on soon for some fingerless gloves.

What is your favorite holiday or winter treat? I like tea, but I could do Starbucks it is my treat and sometimes my meal, how healthy is that (not).

Please share a favorite Winter or Holiday memory. There is so many. We had great Christmas's growing up. We always had great food, two Christmas trees, and couldn't wait until Christmas morning. Now on Christmas Eve, Eve the girls get together (Grandmother, Mom, Aunt June, Sister, and the three cousins. We have a good dinner and then we play dirty Santa with good decorating gifts. That is so fun. Then Christmas Eve is spent with my mom and then Santa comes. Santa takes the elf back home with him on Christmas eve. Cameron, our elf has made quiet a few memories already. He is a mess.

Yarn and Crafting

Do you Knit or Crochet? For how long? I have knit and Crochet going on 11 months.

Do you like wooden, metal, or plastic needles\hooks? Circular or straight? I use bamboo needles. Straights or circulars, just started the DPN's. I use metal hooks.

What sort of projects do you enjoy making? I make dishcloths, bags, teacozies, baby booties and hats. I am ready to try my hand at fingerless gloves, socks and sweaters.

What are your favorite types of yarn to work with? I like Cotton for clothes, baby stuff. I use wool or wool blends for others. I want to try some Cash merino by Debbie Bliss. It feels so soft.

Do you spin or dye? I have the Kool-Aid in my cabinet, ready to dye some yarn. The only thing spinning is my head from time to time.

Do you do other crafts such as scrapbooking or needlepoint or anything else? I smock which is needle point for kids clothes. I use to cross stitch. Last time I scrap booked I finished my boys first years in both of their books.


When is your birthday?
July 26th

Do you have any children? (Furry kind count!) I have 2 boys. The boys want a dog. I like it when swap partners include my boys. I love doing swaps, but when I open a box or the boys do, I love it when they are included. They are my world.

What are your favorite colors? I like pink, and turquoise. I like just about any color.

Do you have any allergies? Not to yarn, just to bees.

T.O.W. #5 (I didn't do number 4)


Now that it is getting cooler here, it makes me think of apple picking and hay rides. Are you the type that likes to go to participate in all the fall festivities like apple picking, pumpkins, decorating for the fall, hay rides, baking fall goodies, etc. or do you just sit and count the days till Thanksgiving/Christmas/Hanukkah

I love fall, and take in what little changing of trees there is here in the South. I did love the year I was in New York in October. I got to go to the Apple Farm and picked Apples by the pounds. There is nothing like a Nothern Apple. I have been to pumpkin patches and they are lots of fun too. We do put out the Scare crow, and a lit up pumpkin. We will be decorating my mother in laws house for my youngest son's Halloween Birthday Party. I get to head up North the end of the month, so maybe there will still be some color on the trees.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Catching Up

Ok, I started this Whimsy Flower Dishcloth, this was my first time to use DPN's. I started on circulars and moved it over cause I just couldn't get my magic loop to work. So it became this.

It was for a very special swap partner who has been patient. It has some imperfections if you look at the lines that look like pinwheels. I guess I got off count. So, here is my new Dishcloth. It is the Springtime Dishcloth from here She has several free patterns and some good recipes. I ripped it once because I forgot to knit my border at the bottom. I really like how this pattern is turning out. It is the twisted purl. Its not easy to knit or it might be that I knit to tight. The yarn is so soft and squishy. It is TLC pure cotton. I love the sheen it has to it.

I have been tagged for a MEME 8 Random Things About Me:
1. I am messy at home. It comes honestly.

2. I am a clean freak at work. I like my desk to be clean. I wipe down with santiwipes and there is a guy who puts crumbs on my desk just to aggrivate me. It works.

3. I like to talk to people. When I was little my mom would give me Benadryl to make me quit talking when we would go on trips. My nephew must take after me, he just talks louder than I do, but nonstop.

4. I have to finish RN school at some point. I just can not take away from my kids right now.

5. I am terrified of bees. I am highly allergic to them.

6. When it comes to family gifts, I can't keep the surprise. I have to give hints and it just eats at me until I have to go ahead and let them know. Except for the one I have been keeping for a month.

7. I am very attention deficit. I got that from my dad. I go from one thing to another.

8. I could be a night owl. I love to stay up late. If only I didn't have to get up early.

Well, now to name someone else to be MEME. I have to pass the duties to Donna, Stephanie, and Lacey my dear sister (just think, now you have something else to blog about)

After being tag for meme I remember I forgot to nominate someone for this award

I nominate
1.Stephanie: she produces some of the cutest clothes by knitting, crocheting or sewing.

2.Then there is Marcie She has a cute style and is very creative. Go check out her Etsy shop.

3. Then there is my sister. She has been very busy moving to Seattle and taking over meetings and heading up coffees. She is very talented sewing and knitting. She is a great sister and couldn't ask for anyone better. We kinda lead eachother into creative areas. I started smocking and then she did. She started knitting and introduced me last Christmas with my first book (that she swears I never refer to).

Well, caught up for the moment. Back to knitting and writing my son's invitations for his Halloween Birthday Party next weekend.

OH, one more thing Registration will be opening soon for the Winter Wonderland Coffee Swap I am hosting with Anne. Head on over to here and enter the contest we are hosting before the swap. Contest ends October 23rd. Registration opens October 24th.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Winter Wonderland Coffee Swap

I bet Anne is wondering what kind of host I am going to be if I haven't mentioned the swap I am hosting with her. Sorry Anne, I am now with my head abouve water. My son and I came down with Strep this week and we have been sick. I got my meds and now I am on a up hill swing.

I am hosting my first swap with Anne. She rocks at hostessing so, we put our heads together a couple of months ago and decide to do a Winter Wonderland Coffee Swap. What swap package could be better than that of Coffee and Yarn. Throw in some Holiday goodies and that will be a great package. Notice when I say Holiday, I don't mean just Christmas, Hanukkah or whatever you celebrate during the months of winter. You have snowflakes, snowmen, mittens and hats. Whatever you enjoy during winter. We are so excited about this one.

We are having a contest over at the blog to kinda start things out on a good track through the snow. Its starting to get colder already just talking about it (even if it is 85 degrees here). Go on over here and check it out.

The Contest
Make a post on your blog, telling folks about this swap, and letting them know registration opens on October 24th

Comment here and let us know that you posted!

Contest Ends October 23rd

EASY, to win some swap goodies. We'll draw a random winner of some yarn and goodies! And if you join the swap, it certainly won't be your last chance at a contest!

And if anyone cares to make buttons - Anne and I are more than open since neither of us knows how! We'll post em up in the sidebar - all are welcome! Lastly - if you have links for Coffee sites, knit or crochet patterns for Winter, Christmas, Hanukkah, or any holiday we might have missed - please send them along!

Can not wait for registration to start.

T.O.W. #4

How about you? Are there any recipes you especially enjoy having in the Fall? Any foods that are seasonal that you especially enjoy?

My family likes the Chili with the first cool breeze of fall. I on the other hand am not a big fan of Chili. I do eat more soups. One of my favorite is from a package. Bear Creek makes a great tortilla soup. I add a can of tomatoes and corn. Top with some cheese and a dollop of sour cream. Serve it with some tortilla chips and it is soooooo good. I like soup weekly as it gets cooler.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Fred went over The Rainbow Bridge

My friend Chan lost her baby. Please keep her, Mark and Mugsy in your thoughts and prayers. They need them as they grieve the loss of their Fred.

The Rainbow Bridge

Oh, when we get to Heaven
We hope that we will find
The souls that once we loved
Who left us all behind.

Some left us at the right time
They left this world in peace
Others left too sudden
Without the chance to say Goodbye,
They were gone before we had
The chance to even cry.

There's a special place for grownups
A special place for kids
Me? I'll be on the other side
The side called Rainbow Bridge.

Across the dark green meadow
A'top the hills I'll run
Where the colors from the rainbow
Glitter from the sun.

And there I'll find my sweetheart
Running fast toward me
In my arms where he belongs
for all eternity.

Jean McColgan

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Come Join Me As I Get Ready For My Tea Party

First let me let you know I have been gone due to a virus on the computer that would not let me do anything. It got some tender loving care and now we are back in business. I got my computer back just in time for you to know I got a great package from my "Knit 1 Tea 2" pal. Here it is but there is time for that package later. I gotta get ready for my tea party. You are all invited to see what it takes to prepare first hand for this tea party. So, get comfortable and grab a cup of tea.

I always start my party with a list. I have many things to gather and prepare. First the invitations. I got these invitations and they say "Tea Time", PERFECT! Next I will need the stuff for some special treats for my guest to enjoy, so I got some King Arthur Scone Mix, Dried cranberries to add, and some apricot and rasberry jam. YUM!

I figured I need a few more goodies so I got some Tolberone Chocolate and some Purely Maple Vermont Button Cookies.

So, now on for the tea to consider. Did I want loose, bag, decaf or regular. So, I got some Tazo Earl Grey, Trader Joes Blackberry Fruit Fusion, and some decaf Teaeluxe Apricot Arebesque, and Highland Chai. I got a tea strainer for the decaf loose teas and measuring spoon, so it would make the perfect cup of tea not to strong or to weak. Just PERFECT!

On to the last things I ALWAYS do to prepare for my tea parties. RELAX with Liz Claiborne Chamomille and Lavender bath salts, some lit candles, and some Hands On Natural Soap from the Boston Tea Party.

After all my preparation the "tea party" is always a success. Beyond cleaning up and fun I always need to enjoy a bit of quiet. The boys are usually still out and my husband at work, so I put my feet up and take a few moments for myself with some more tea (never have too much) and sit down and read stories from A Cup of Comfort for Nurses.

When the family gets home I am refreshed and ready to enjoy some family time with the boys playing UNO. It is always fun with the boys. That is the preparation and recovery of all the work for MY Tea Party.

Here is my package from Devon my tea swap pal. I have loved chatting with her week to week. She took everything I told her into consideration. She made some pot hand holders so I can take the hot goodies out of the oven or to hold my hot tea pot. She wrapped those in what I can use to wrap up my goodies to stay warm. She also sent me some Cotton yarn in Apricot color and Creme to go with my tea flavors. She wrote it out and was all numbered how to open it while reading "Holly's Parties" the boys were taking turns opening piece by piece. She was so sweet, she didn't take just me into consideration, she took my boys into consideration, she sent them Nestle Crunch bars and gummy bears and then the UNO game. That means so much, I always feel a little bad when I open packages and they are just hoping there is something in that box for them. Thanks Devon! You rock at spoiling. Also, along with Devon I want to thank Chan and Mary for being great hostesses of this Tea Swap. It was so much fun and worth it. Can not wait for the next one.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

T.O.W. #3

Autumn has now officially begun here in the States!! What is your favorite thing about Autumn/Fall? Why?

The cooler weather, the end of our summers can be so hot. I love it if we get some changing of the leaves. Halloween has been so much fun since I have kids who can go trick or treat. Thanksgiving is a fun time to spend with the family. I really love it all. If I had to chose one thing though, my favorite is the leaves

All Felted Up

Well, I meant to post this at the beginning of the week. This week has been a total whirlwind. So, here is the tea cozy for my "Knit 1 Tea 2" pal. I hope she likes it. It was my first project to do and make up my own pattern. So, here it is:

FO: Felted Tea Cozy
Yarn: Don't have the tag to it, it was a italian wool, I think it is called'
Color: Multi (32027)
Needles: 10 1/2 straights

If you want the pattern, just let me know.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Topic of The Week

When you knit or crochet dishclothes, washclothes or face clothes, what do you use? What size needle or hook? Wood? what type? Metal? Plastic? A specific Brand? Why do you love that needle or hook so much? Is there one you are dying to try? Is there a particular yarn you love and use all the time for clothes? What is so special about it?

When I knit I use what it calls for unless my gauge is not right. Same goes for crocheting. I use bamboo needles. I like circs but not dpns (too many needles to work with, with the yarn too. I love the bamboo, cause it holds the yarn so much better than metal. I like my Brittany needles, but my Clovers from Michael's aren't bad either. I use metal crochet hooks, I would love to get some of those grippers.
As for yarn, I use Sugars and Cream and Peaches n Cream for dishclothes, I am have ordered some cotlin from Knitpicks for some holiday gifts and can't wait to try it. The "Creams" just make a great sturdy cloth.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

How To Keep Your Tea Warm Longer

Well, this is a quick post. I was too excited when I finished sewing the seams up. I just had to go ahead and post a picture. It isn't quite finished it has to be felted and that will be tomorrow night. This is for my tea pal and I hope she likes it. Here is my Tea for One teapot

and here is......

My teacozy I made to keep the teapot warm. It was so easy. Thanks to Anne for all the measurement and felting instructions. I think it is going to be perfect. I am going to run green ribbon through the larger hole I made at the top to gather. Well, that is all for tonight. I will post the finish product this weekend.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

I Came Home Today From Work.....

I came home today from work and got the boys in and settled. Well, Austin went outside as he usually does and came running in with a box. I know I have swap pals and I am anxious to get packages, but I just don't check the mail. The kids and my husband bring it in and why take away that joy from them. At first I thought it was my swap tea pals package and then I saw the Stash Tea logo on it. I love Stash tea, there hasn't been many flavors I don't like. They also have cute teaware, with a big selection. Some of the goods are for my swap pal and the other, well I needed some more tea. I got some scone mix and some white sugar swizzle sticks for my pal and for me, I got some pumpkin spice tea, it is yum. Just like a pumpkin pie dessert. I also received a sample of 10 tea bags of their green tea Jasmine Blossom. Never had that before.

Well, I got on the computer to check out what all my blogger friends had going on today. Well, Chan and Anne both one some of Grace's beautiful knitted shawls in a contest Grace was having. I enter in the Shawl contest and liked the Garner Drop the most and 2nd I liked the one Chan won. However, they were all beautiful. Then I popped over to visit my friend Marcie she has been dyeing yarn. I am going to dye some soon. I got my Kool Aid this weekend, I just need some yarn. Austin will love trying to help me on that project.

I received my pal from the "Fall Into Autumn" Dishcloth exchange a few days ago and I receive my pal from the "Color Swap 2007" I got the hostess Ranee. Its not a secret swap but it is alot of fun and you get to increase your stash in different colors. This month is yellow. After I wind down on these swaps that are going which are the ones listed and the one I am hosting with Anne (with sign ups beginning October 24th), I think I am going to slow down on swaps. I will always do the Dishcloth swap. It is easy and fun. I think though I will turn my focus to the Chemo Caps for Winter and maybe a few projects for myself and boys. Well that is about it for this evening, I am going to go sip on my Pumpkin Spice.

Monday, September 10, 2007

What's Been Going On and Topic of The Week

Well I am in the "Fall into Autumn" Dishclothe swap. We get one entry for a contest at the end of the swap for every topic of the week we answer, so that way we keep our blog going, which I try to do (other than last week. So for this weeks topic:
Now that in some geographic locations the weather is starting to turn cooler, do you change the type of yarn(s) you knit/crochet with? If so, what do you now knit/crochet with instead and why? If not, why do you not switch and what do you knit/crochet with?
Well, I have only been knitting and crocheting since January, so this year will be the test. As far as projects go, I will be geared more toward fall and winter and would probably use a yarn that is more heavy, with more winter colors. Where as in the summer, I would use brighter colors and lighter weight, because it is so hot. I just think a wool blend for winter to keep you warm and on a hot summer day, I would chose a cotton.

Well, I started this for my son. He has been asking for a blanket since he saw I could knit or crochet one stitch. So, I hope to surprise him for Christmas. He ask me the other day if it was his blanket I was working on and I had to tell him,"No, that is going to be a sweater for me." I hate not telling him the truth, but I want to surprise him.
I would have post the picture of what is coming along for my sisters birthday, but she reads my blog. So, you will have to wait til her birthday.

This last weekend, I did some shopping for my tea pal. Almost done, except knitting something for her. I also took my first sewing class. I got my sewing machine for Christmas, well knitting and crocheting took priority to learn first. So, now I can line my first bag whenever I make one. It was a one on one class for 2 1/2 hours and I learned basic stitches. Satin stitches for appliques and I made some pillows for a pin cushion. I learned about fabric and the difference between good thread and cheap thread. It was very informative and I learned my machine. I don't know what my 1st project will be. We will just have to see.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

I Am Still Alive

Hey all my lurkers out there. I am still alive. Sorry for not posting this last week. I had to fill in for one of my co-workers at work while she was on vacation and with it being a short week, it was just BUSY! I should have more time this week. I have to be home from work this week to pick the boys up from school since my in laws who keep them, have taken a vacation. So, I should have a little extra time post about my fun weekend and update on a few projects.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Did Someone Say Football Is Here?

I am so glad football season is here, let me just tell you why. I live in the south where football season is the only thing going on, on Saturday. You have to watch Auburn, Alabama, Tennessee and Florida. Well that takes up your whole day. Here at this house Roman (my husband) always watches football at his moms with his father. I know very sweet isn't it? Nothing like a little father son bonding time. I could careless about football, never got into and I was even a cheerleader in high school. I cheered what everyone else cheered go defense or the offense cheers and really didn't grab the concept until maybe my junior year. Didn't care. I liked cheering and tumbling and competition. Ok, back to football on Saturdays (Its real easy to get off on another subject when you A.D.D.). Well, just a while ago, Roman and my brother packed up the kids and headed over to my mother in-laws house to watch the Alabama game. Roll Tide! That means starting today on Saturdays for 10 weeks I get the house to myself. To turn the TV's off (no more SpongeBob blaring, cause Dylan is practically deaf, not really), clean house, blog, or just play in my yarn stash. This is a really good day. I just had to share with all my blogging friends. Well, off to enjoy my next 2-3 hours doing whatever I want.

Friday, August 31, 2007

Fall into Autumn Dishcloth Questionaire

1. Do you knit or crochet? How long have you been doing it?
I knit and crochet since January 2007

2. Have you made dischloths before? Do you use them yourself, give them as gifts, or both?
Yes, I have made dishcloths. I do both use them and give them as gifts

3. What's your favorite cotton to make cloths from? What cotton would you like to try that you haven't before ?
I like the Sugar and Creme and Peaches and Creme, I have lots of new cotton I received last month in Swaps and contest and can not wait to try them.

4. If you knit, do you prefer circular or straight needles? For all, do you prefer wooden, metal, or plastic needles? I like wooden straight or circs

5. What are your favorite colors? Any colors you don't like much?
I like pink and turquoise. Not a big Orange fan.

6. What do you like best about Autumn?
I love the leaves changing colors. We don't get it that much but when it does, there is some beautiful trees out there.

7. Pies: Pumpkin? Apple? Pecan? All of em? or No Thanks!
All of them. Yum! Yum!

8. When you were a kid, were you the one who couldn't wait to get started with school , or the one who overslept on the 1st day?
I couldn't wait to get started with school.

9. Do you celebrate Halloween? (The real key here guys is especially knowing if you have an aversion to the holiday or little goodies/decorations associated with it, given the timeframe of the swap)
We love some trick or treating even though it will rot my kids teeth out, so yes we participate in Halloween. We decorate and we love the time of year it is.

10. If you had to choose just 3 edible 'goodies' to eat for a full year, what 3 would you choose? Reese's Easter Eggs(they are better than reese's cups), coconut creme pie, and my grandmothers nestle toll house cookies (with milk of course), I love starbucks coffee, but its a drink but it is a goody of mine on daily basis for the last 5-6 years (just think I could of been rich by now)

11. Do you have any pets? Kids? Husbands who seem like kids? ;)
I have 2 boys 8 and 6, and a spouse.

12. If you were to describe a particular yarn that shares traits of your personality, what would it be and why? Is there a yarn out there that would have a big heart, that would be me but multi colored because just as big hearted I can be, I can be a little spit fire too.

13. Do you use your cloths mostly for dishcloths, or as facecloths?
Dishcloths, it took me forever to use them after I made them. I stood there thinking I can not mess this up with these dirty dishes and get the ketchup off my kids plate. Love them, would rather use my dishcloths than store bought.

14. Favorite Fall Holiday: Halloween or Thanksgiving and why? (Feel free to share another fall memory if you do not celebrate either of these holidays)
Thanksgiving, I love the food we get to eat and the goodies which leads into the favorite holiday for us, is Christmas.

15. Do you have any allergies or aversions your pal should know about?
Nope, my allergies are Bees.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

A Late Birthday Surprise

Well, for the last couple days I have had the crud. Beware, I hear it is going around. I came home tonight and fixed me a cup of Vanilla Chai tea to make me feel better after work today. When the boys came in, they brought a box in with them. Austin stood right at my side waiting to see what I had. He kept telling me, mom you know how you have all those friends who keep sending you stuff, that you talk to on the computer? While, opening the box from Seattle(I knew it had to be my sister) he asked if he could have a friend from far away that he could swap packages with. It was so sweet. So, I get the box open and let him open the card and it was a Happy Birthday Card

and here are the goods from the box. My sister just got through doing a fundraiser for their batallion and she made these cute aprons to sell from the guys bdu's. I told her I wanted one and well, she must have listen. I got these cute notecard with my first initial. She sent me some really great yarn. I got some Noro wool yarn, some black & cream Schachenmayr nomotta Punto sock yarn, it is cotton yarn and perfect for socks that came from Korea (when she was living there). She sent me some Bernat, pink, organic cotton.

She sent me this skirt. It wraps and ties in the back. Its a light gray and a darker gray. It is so silky. She got it from Korea as well. I love all it. There was something else she was working on, but she said that it has became part of my Christmas because the military fundraisers have literally taken over her life. The military were glad to have Geoff take command, but I think they literally are waiting for my sister to arrive so they can hand her head fundraiser of projects. Seriously, they are probably already got my sister stationed for their next venture and they will just place Geoff in a good position. Lacey wasn't the one who signed for the military she just married military. However, when they get her in their batallion they have good coffees and hail & farewells. Even though she is my sister, I have to admit they got the VERY BEST! Well, I gotta get some rest now. Good night!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

A Little Catching Up From The Weekend

Before I get started, registration for the "Fall Into Autumn" exchange will open on September 1st and close September 8th at Midnight, EDT @ Head on over its a fun swap.

Well, this weekend I was on call I didn't get to do much crafting, and what I did get to do I can not show. It is for someone who reads my blog, for their birthday coming up. I will really pay if I don't get her present to her by her birthday this year. Here is why, last year I got my sister her Birthday present, it was a gift card and a Christian Fiction Book. Well, she lived in Korea at the time and I had it in time for her birthday, except by the time her birthday got here, I was halfway into the book. Which I don't ever read but it was a GOOD book. I am very slow reader and find a hard time to take care of my boys, cook, clean, work, craft, blog and read. I am so behind on my reading now. I know you are going to laugh, but there was so much hype about Harry Potter book recently I started the very first book and I still have about 75 pages to read and just not enough time. I won't finish that series for about 6 years. I love the book and I hear they get better and bigger. Lacey, just know that I am not reading your birthday present and you will have it by your birthday and you will love it. I promise.

Well, 4 days back I got nominated by my friend Chan for

Thank you Chan, I haven't been blogging that long, but I feel special that you thought I deserve it. Well, I will nominate someone, just not yet.

Sorry there isn't any pictures tonight. I will have a little time off Tuesday before going to eat with my boys for lunch and going to work, so I will post something more crafty then.

Well, off to drink my Mango Passion fruit tea and then to bed.

Friday, August 24, 2007

What's A Girl To Do With All Her Pink!

So, I came home and Wednesday was crazy when I got home, kids still doing homework. However, I looked on the table where they usually lay the mail down and there was a box with my name written all all over it(not really, just my address - sorry no picture). As I opened the box and unwrapped each item, I was in "Pink" Heaven. I love pink and I have to admit Sharon and her daughter spoiled

me with any kind of pink non-animal yarn for the August "Color Swap 2007", the colors were Pink and Peach. I will have to come up with some good projects with all this good yarn. She sent me a "Pink" 2008 Planner (needed one), and a "H" magnetic notepad. I love the pink case, it will be great for holding my hooks.

I LOVE this Cherry Tree Hill Cotton yarn, it is so soft and squishy.

Then last but not least, she sent me one of the things she is famous for, making her own soap. It smells wonderful. She made soap for my dishcloth swap partner(Peach), I don't know who liked it more me or my son. So, for this pink and peach swap, she sent me Watermelon, Sweet Rasberry and a kids soap with princess crowns in it (Hey Sharon, I saw the purple crown in the soap, good way to throw a little of you in there.) I can't wait to use it. All I have to say is Thank you!!!!!! I love it all. Please tell your princess I said thanks and she has my kind of taste.