Thursday, September 27, 2007

T.O.W. #3

Autumn has now officially begun here in the States!! What is your favorite thing about Autumn/Fall? Why?

The cooler weather, the end of our summers can be so hot. I love it if we get some changing of the leaves. Halloween has been so much fun since I have kids who can go trick or treat. Thanksgiving is a fun time to spend with the family. I really love it all. If I had to chose one thing though, my favorite is the leaves

All Felted Up

Well, I meant to post this at the beginning of the week. This week has been a total whirlwind. So, here is the tea cozy for my "Knit 1 Tea 2" pal. I hope she likes it. It was my first project to do and make up my own pattern. So, here it is:

FO: Felted Tea Cozy
Yarn: Don't have the tag to it, it was a italian wool, I think it is called'
Color: Multi (32027)
Needles: 10 1/2 straights

If you want the pattern, just let me know.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Topic of The Week

When you knit or crochet dishclothes, washclothes or face clothes, what do you use? What size needle or hook? Wood? what type? Metal? Plastic? A specific Brand? Why do you love that needle or hook so much? Is there one you are dying to try? Is there a particular yarn you love and use all the time for clothes? What is so special about it?

When I knit I use what it calls for unless my gauge is not right. Same goes for crocheting. I use bamboo needles. I like circs but not dpns (too many needles to work with, with the yarn too. I love the bamboo, cause it holds the yarn so much better than metal. I like my Brittany needles, but my Clovers from Michael's aren't bad either. I use metal crochet hooks, I would love to get some of those grippers.
As for yarn, I use Sugars and Cream and Peaches n Cream for dishclothes, I am have ordered some cotlin from Knitpicks for some holiday gifts and can't wait to try it. The "Creams" just make a great sturdy cloth.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

How To Keep Your Tea Warm Longer

Well, this is a quick post. I was too excited when I finished sewing the seams up. I just had to go ahead and post a picture. It isn't quite finished it has to be felted and that will be tomorrow night. This is for my tea pal and I hope she likes it. Here is my Tea for One teapot

and here is......

My teacozy I made to keep the teapot warm. It was so easy. Thanks to Anne for all the measurement and felting instructions. I think it is going to be perfect. I am going to run green ribbon through the larger hole I made at the top to gather. Well, that is all for tonight. I will post the finish product this weekend.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

I Came Home Today From Work.....

I came home today from work and got the boys in and settled. Well, Austin went outside as he usually does and came running in with a box. I know I have swap pals and I am anxious to get packages, but I just don't check the mail. The kids and my husband bring it in and why take away that joy from them. At first I thought it was my swap tea pals package and then I saw the Stash Tea logo on it. I love Stash tea, there hasn't been many flavors I don't like. They also have cute teaware, with a big selection. Some of the goods are for my swap pal and the other, well I needed some more tea. I got some scone mix and some white sugar swizzle sticks for my pal and for me, I got some pumpkin spice tea, it is yum. Just like a pumpkin pie dessert. I also received a sample of 10 tea bags of their green tea Jasmine Blossom. Never had that before.

Well, I got on the computer to check out what all my blogger friends had going on today. Well, Chan and Anne both one some of Grace's beautiful knitted shawls in a contest Grace was having. I enter in the Shawl contest and liked the Garner Drop the most and 2nd I liked the one Chan won. However, they were all beautiful. Then I popped over to visit my friend Marcie she has been dyeing yarn. I am going to dye some soon. I got my Kool Aid this weekend, I just need some yarn. Austin will love trying to help me on that project.

I received my pal from the "Fall Into Autumn" Dishcloth exchange a few days ago and I receive my pal from the "Color Swap 2007" I got the hostess Ranee. Its not a secret swap but it is alot of fun and you get to increase your stash in different colors. This month is yellow. After I wind down on these swaps that are going which are the ones listed and the one I am hosting with Anne (with sign ups beginning October 24th), I think I am going to slow down on swaps. I will always do the Dishcloth swap. It is easy and fun. I think though I will turn my focus to the Chemo Caps for Winter and maybe a few projects for myself and boys. Well that is about it for this evening, I am going to go sip on my Pumpkin Spice.

Monday, September 10, 2007

What's Been Going On and Topic of The Week

Well I am in the "Fall into Autumn" Dishclothe swap. We get one entry for a contest at the end of the swap for every topic of the week we answer, so that way we keep our blog going, which I try to do (other than last week. So for this weeks topic:
Now that in some geographic locations the weather is starting to turn cooler, do you change the type of yarn(s) you knit/crochet with? If so, what do you now knit/crochet with instead and why? If not, why do you not switch and what do you knit/crochet with?
Well, I have only been knitting and crocheting since January, so this year will be the test. As far as projects go, I will be geared more toward fall and winter and would probably use a yarn that is more heavy, with more winter colors. Where as in the summer, I would use brighter colors and lighter weight, because it is so hot. I just think a wool blend for winter to keep you warm and on a hot summer day, I would chose a cotton.

Well, I started this for my son. He has been asking for a blanket since he saw I could knit or crochet one stitch. So, I hope to surprise him for Christmas. He ask me the other day if it was his blanket I was working on and I had to tell him,"No, that is going to be a sweater for me." I hate not telling him the truth, but I want to surprise him.
I would have post the picture of what is coming along for my sisters birthday, but she reads my blog. So, you will have to wait til her birthday.

This last weekend, I did some shopping for my tea pal. Almost done, except knitting something for her. I also took my first sewing class. I got my sewing machine for Christmas, well knitting and crocheting took priority to learn first. So, now I can line my first bag whenever I make one. It was a one on one class for 2 1/2 hours and I learned basic stitches. Satin stitches for appliques and I made some pillows for a pin cushion. I learned about fabric and the difference between good thread and cheap thread. It was very informative and I learned my machine. I don't know what my 1st project will be. We will just have to see.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

I Am Still Alive

Hey all my lurkers out there. I am still alive. Sorry for not posting this last week. I had to fill in for one of my co-workers at work while she was on vacation and with it being a short week, it was just BUSY! I should have more time this week. I have to be home from work this week to pick the boys up from school since my in laws who keep them, have taken a vacation. So, I should have a little extra time post about my fun weekend and update on a few projects.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Did Someone Say Football Is Here?

I am so glad football season is here, let me just tell you why. I live in the south where football season is the only thing going on, on Saturday. You have to watch Auburn, Alabama, Tennessee and Florida. Well that takes up your whole day. Here at this house Roman (my husband) always watches football at his moms with his father. I know very sweet isn't it? Nothing like a little father son bonding time. I could careless about football, never got into and I was even a cheerleader in high school. I cheered what everyone else cheered go defense or the offense cheers and really didn't grab the concept until maybe my junior year. Didn't care. I liked cheering and tumbling and competition. Ok, back to football on Saturdays (Its real easy to get off on another subject when you A.D.D.). Well, just a while ago, Roman and my brother packed up the kids and headed over to my mother in-laws house to watch the Alabama game. Roll Tide! That means starting today on Saturdays for 10 weeks I get the house to myself. To turn the TV's off (no more SpongeBob blaring, cause Dylan is practically deaf, not really), clean house, blog, or just play in my yarn stash. This is a really good day. I just had to share with all my blogging friends. Well, off to enjoy my next 2-3 hours doing whatever I want.