Sunday, June 22, 2008

A Full Week

I went back to work Tuesday after being off a week (once again - not cause I wanted to). When I am off from when I have surgery, I live on the computer and get so much knitting done. No FO's sorry, but much progress on my Stardust. Work this week was a little much, I was out of time for being off and when you have bills to pay, you have to work. The group I work with are so understanding and don't let me push it to walk all over the hospital.

Yesterday, I was a volunteer for the 1st annual Jenny's Light Golf Tournament on Saturday. It was a huge success and lots of fun. If you remember back on December 31st in the post I mentioned of a tragic story that affected us at work tremendously. A few months after this tragic event, one of our 3rd year residents suggested that the day of graduation where all the residents and wives enjoy a day at a golf place to say good bye to the chiefs while the guys play golf, that they make this the 1st annual Golf tournament for the Charity the family had set up in memory of Jenny and Graham Bankston. We thought we would be doing good to break even and be able to write a check for a small amount to go to Jenny's Light, little did we know that our efforts would bring such a great return. We started before 7 a.m. and ended with a lunch for the golfers and a raffle with great prizes around 2 p.m.. At the lunch and raffle part one of the chairs did make the announcement that the total wasn't complete, but we didn't only break even but we were going to be able to donate over $50,000 to Jenny's Light. It just sent chill bumps. The cheif residents were one of the last ones to come around at the hole I was sitting at, which is the longest drive. The one thing that stuck in my mind the rest of the day and still brings tears to my eyes is when Chip (Jenny's spouse) got up to tee off and one of his long time friend/resident said, " Chip this is all you, hit one to the heaven's!" He didn't get the longest drive but he hit it as if it would reach the heavens. This was a great and rewarding day to end my week on.

Up for next week, I have a test in my speech class, and a speech the next week. I will have my blogiversary this week as well.

Please go over and send Chan some hugs for her and her Knight. They have lossed a very special loved one, their pop. They have a pretty rough day ahead tomorrow.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Listen Up

I only have a few minutes. Grace who does amazing lacework and produces shawls after shawls and ships them off to family, friends and strangers has entered her lace shawl in a contest. Head on over and look at her gorgeous entry. Then if you wish vote for Grace's "Lovin Comfort Shawl". I know many of you have been blessed to receive one of her shawls, just as I have and truly her shawl's are pure comfort. It doesn't matter if you are in jeans and a T-shirt, gown or dressed up to go. You can just feel the love that she pours into each and everyone of them as you sit and admire the gorgeous lace work wrapped around you.

Next up, Go on over visit Darcy she is celebrating her 200th post, tell her I sent you if you want or not. For her contest, simply tell her what keeps you coming back to read peoples blogs. That is one entry. Link her from your page about the contest, entry #2. If someone tells her that they heard of her contest from you, 3rd entry. Easy as pie. She has some awesome prizes. I hope I win one.
So, what are you waiting for????????? Go vote and go enter into the contest for some wonderful goodies.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Max On Thursday- Sleeping Style

Forget the bed we bought Max, he no longer sleeps in it. He sleeps where ever he decides to make his bed. I have caught him burried under a pile of dirty clothes, on top of books, just anywhere.

Most mornings I find him at the foot of the boys bed, at the foot of my bed or in the recliner. He doesn't want the boys to get any attention when you go to wake them, he will snuggle in between you and them so maybe he will get all the attention first hand. This morning this is where I found him. Sacked out in between the boys, his head is on the pillow as well.

One afternoon my youngest decided to take a nap and I found him asleep with him. My youngest had been pouting because his brother was invited to a party and he wasn't. Pretty sweet picture. Max even has his sweet paw across our little guy.
Last week, the boys went to bed and Max was sprawled out on the floor, he got up from his spot and look where he went to sleep all night long!!!!!!!!!!!

I wanted to dance and shout but you know the rule, never wake a sleeping child. Max finally got into his crate without us fighting and bribing him to go. He realizes that is his own space. I was so happy he has finally adjusted.

Happy Dogs on Thursday!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, June 6, 2008

I Am Getting Closer

I am one post closer to my 100th post and a blogiversary. Stay tuned for a contest in the next upcoming weeks.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

I Won!

A few weeks back I posted about Alana over at Strings and Purls was having her blogiversary and a contest, I won. I got to chose which book I wanted and which yarn.

I chose the Debbie Bliss Home and the Blue Sky Cotton.

That Blue Sky is so soft. Love it.

That's not all she sent, she sent these cute stitch markers, look at the box they came in. Alana would be someone I would enjoy having tea with. I got to spoil her in the dishcloth swap. She is a sweetheart, and someone I would love to sit over tea and chat with.

As if that wasn't enough she sent this as well. A cute springy notepad (you can never have enough), a mirror in the shape of a flower and Creamy toffee and almond Hershey's Chocolate Treasures. Thank you Alana for my Goodies! Now to find a
pattern to work on. I like the pillows.

Well, I had to share with you my little guy lost not one but both of his front, top teeth all in one week. He racked up on the $$$$$. He is so proud of his new tooth that is coming in that he kept coming up to me and showing me.

I do have a FO as well. Here is a pot holder I finished a couple of weeks ago for Chan and the Knight. She likes the bee story and so, since it was a spring coffee swap,

I chose bee material for the back. I think I will have to make some more of these. They are easy, except for the stitching on the back. I couldn't get it to go through the sewing machine.

I start class tomorrow for my speech class, so I can get back in school.
That is about it for me for this week.