Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Truly Spoiled!

I came home today and I had boxes on my porch! I knew I had my DWD Dishcloth Package on it

way and one from a very special friend. I came in and opened the Dishcloth package, because I love the surprise of who you have. My Secret swap pal was KT. The pattern writer KT. She has great patterns. I chose one of her patterns for my pal and didn't even know she had. me. Before I get to the package, I have to say that I got to spend a few nights when I saw her checking her secret email chatting on GMail chat. I enjoyed her so much. So, on to the package. She wrapped every thing in springy flower paper with birds on them.

Then after I got all the packages opened, this is what was all in it. Two dishcloth books full of patterns. I won't have to go looking for patterns ever again. She sent me some notecards in Pink. Anyone who spoils me, knows I can always use some pink. She sent me a awesome book by Mary Kruger called "Died In The Wool". It is a murder mystery about how dangerous a ball of yarn can be. Sounds good to cuddle up with a hot cup of Hot cocoa or tea she sent. She sent some loose Jasmine Tea and it is so good. I am on my second cup. KT wrote the pattern for my Dishcloth called Candy Stripe it is here. She made me some Stitch Markers. They are teal, another one of my favorite colors and they have a clasp so you can use for Crochet stitches. The yarn is great! I got some tan Cotlin and some Natural colors of Pakucho. She even winded them for me. The soap is Dr. Benjamin Passmore Hand Soap that calms and relaxes stress nerves in your hands. How cool is that? KT is great spoiler and very talented she has even had her pattern for her daughter accepted by MagKnits last year. Thank you KT for being such a great spoiler and a great pal. You definately took the Doldrums away today.

Well, the second package I received today is from a very special friend. I have been on leave for 4 weeks on Thursday and during being off from work I have gotten very use to chatting with two special people. There is Chan and Michelle. I spend most of my day online or coming back to my computer chatting with one or the other. Have you ever met a person and think, she is so much like you in so many ways. Well, a few months ago, my cohostess Anne, assigned me to spoiling Michelle during our Winter Coffee Swap. I started chatting with her as a secret pal and then she was doing a topic of the week where you were suppose to meet someone you didn't know. She chose me to get to know and so I pulled it off chatting as a friend and a secret pal on a day to day basis. I have a awesome sister, but Michelle is like a sister to me (Not to take anything away from you Lacey). We chat daily and she cracks me up when we are talking, it can be about the kids, husbands, holes in our jeans, hair, weight, whatever it is. I am so fulfilled when I we get off chat. She sent me a package. Look! She said it is a get well package but I just consider it a package full of sisterly love. I read her post a little over a week ago waiting for the results on the problems her pup was having and saw all these finished items she had completed. I saw this bag and didn't even know it was for me. Just look at it though, I should of known it looks just like me. This is the Chan Bag and I love it. It will be perfect to put any little project in. She sent me some Knitting Girl Socks and Knitting Girl Apple Mints. I got some of her stitch Markers in pink and pearls. If you click on the picture you will see the one on the far right, its a Snowman. Michelle has listened to me just wanting to be snowed in and envying her snow everyday. She told me she couldn't pack snow in my package, so she sent me a snowman. She also sent me a cute pink and brown mug and matches the ones I got from Cat in the Cocoa Swap. Then there is these Magnets Think Summer - Got Milk. I love my package Michelle, but even if you had never sent me anything, I will always cherish everyday chatting with you and the friendship that started just a few months ago.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A Finish Object You Wouldn't Expect

I just would like to say thank you on the behalf of my mom and myself for all the thoughts and prayers you sent our way. She came through surgery with flying colors and was so glad to get home to her own bed on Saturday morning. She is on her way to getting back to herself and her routine. Thank you!

I really have been knitting. I know you guys think, she is off from work and should have something to show for it. Well, my cocoa pals package should arrive either this week or next and since she knows its me I don't want to show her prizes that are packed in the box and then my dishcloth pal , well she might check things out and see that they are hers. I have made Stitch Markers, a great Blah - Buddy for Lesley, some great dishcloths. I am almost finished with my hat that is going to Amanda and I have started my first sock and I am 2 rows below the cuff and it doesn't look like much yet.

However, I did finish this project that I started two - three days before surgery and finished the the end of the week after surgery. This is my cousins little girls.

So, one of my other loves is smocking. See the cute one on the left I smocked her dress. You see the pleats around the top of the dresses, each pleat has a stitch made with thread that makes all thos geometric shapes. I have boys and anytime someone wants me to smock for a little girl I love it. It makes for the sweetest girl dresses. So, I do have 1 FO project to show for.

On some other news I just wanted to let everyone know The Spring Fling Coffee Swap will begin with sign-ups March 20th the first day of spring. Right now there is a contest to get the word out. So post it on your blog and leave a comment on the blog saying you did so and you get put into the drawing for some goodies. We have some talented girls who have made buttons, but if you make a button, you get a extra entry. So, go on over and check it out.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Where I Am

Yesterday I was out running errands and went to pick my boys up when I got a phone call. My stepfather called and my mom was on her way to the hospital with chest pain. I got my mother in law to pick the boys up and spent most of the night with my mom. We had a arteriorgram today which came back clean. Which leads us to check her stomach and Gall Bladder. The Gi Dr. came in put her on for an Endoscopy tomorrow and then they came to do the UltraSound. The Ultrasound showed Gall Stones and lots of them. So, we don't know what tomorrow holds whether the GI Dr will do the Endoscopy or they will schedule her for surgery to remove her Gall Bladder. No matter what the day holds I will be gone taking care of my Mom. Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Spoiled Rotten as My Oldest Says

Beware heavy long post ahead, grab a cup of whatever you drink, I am drinking hot cocoa.

Well, today I woke up and gave the boys their Valentines before school and then the rest of the day I slept til Noon. Got up and knit for a hour while checking emails. I went to pick up the boys and as I drove up I couldn't get into my drive way for the big brown UPS truck. I knew I had a package being delivered to me. I came in and with the boys gathered around I opened my box from my Cocoa Pal. It was from Cat in North Carolina. Let me just say, she has kept my curiosity up and she is so much fun to chat with. Ok, on to the package
She had packed the box full with these cute little tea towels, that matched the big mugs that have cups of hot chocolate like the litte hot chocolate plate. She had made me some marshmallows that are so yummy. She sent me some cookies called Tar Heel 's, they are sugar cookies with a black dot on them. The hot chocolate she sent was Cadburys - Yum! See the cute pink bag. It will be perfect for my knitting. It has so many compartments and it is pink. That's just the beginning. Yes, there is more.

There was Lindt Dark chocolate a North Carolina Magnet, see the red and black thing it holds your DPN's that your sock project is on, how cool is that. Some pink sock yarn, that will match my scrubs I wear to work.

Here is where I would like for you to meet my blah buddies That will be doing alot of hanging out during my recovery time. Yep, no work for them. I have Shamu - Mr. Whale, that the youngest boy is trying his hardest to take Shamu away to his world, and then it will end up in his book bag and well, it just isn't going to happen. We will share. See Shamu's friend ? How cute is she, Miss Lamb knitting and wearing her knitted scarf to keeping her warm? This Lamb's name is Belle named by the boys. They love that name. I love her!

Then last but not least were these cute stitch markers, they are hard to see of a kettle pot, a green cat and dog. Cat this package Rocks. Thank you for being so thoughtful, it definately will keep me cheerful, every time I pull one of those cute mugs out.

So I no more got through and just admiring my goodies then my oldest boy runs in with a box and says, " Mom, you got another one!" So, they gathered around and as I opened he said "Man you got alot today, you are being Spoiled Rotten!" I said, "Yes I am and I love it."

This package was from my daily chat, blogging buddy Chan . She had already told me it was coming for a get well package. She sent me a fleece seat belt cover, some hot cocoa, bath fizzies and a loofah (she knows I am cherishing the hot baths, because I couldn't get in one for two weeks, just showers). There is some biscotti of two flavors for my hot drinks a heart dish, and a note pad that says, "The only place housework comes before knitting is in the dictionary. There is a cute picture card of her prince and princess. Love those dogs and the stories about them.

LOOK, there is this Pirate's yarn in a teal, lavendar, green and cream color. Can't wait to see how this pair of socks turn out. Oh, I almost forgot, she sent me a grey lamb measuring tape. I love it , its with my knitting already being used. I will photograph it with my knitting this week. Thank you Chan for being so wonderful in every way. This package would help anyone recover from their surgery. Chan, has been teaching me its OK to stay home, and not be so busy everyday, to take it easy. About the time I get use to it, I will have to go back to work. I love our daily chats. I hope you have a safe and wonderful trip to the beach.
OK, as if that wasn't enough to make to make my Valentines Day a wonderful one, then the boys came in when their daddy pulled in, with a cute heart basket that had a cute stuff dog that the youngest boy picked out, Hitch movie, we love that movie, pink furry socks, heart key chain, heart peeps, and some soft lips. They are so sweet and thoughtful.
Last I leave you with what I have been sipping on and snacking on the pink latte chocolate Cat sent me. What a great day it has been.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Mail Call

Did I tell you that Blogging friend and my knitting friends are wonderful? They, are! Today I drove up to the mailbox to get the mail, on my way to get the boys from school. There was a gold envelope, that was full. I looked on the outside and it was from Amanda.

She sent me some of her soft worsted weight Camel color yarn, some lotion and some Ghirardelli Chocolate Squares. I thought at first did I order something else I couldn't remember, since I have been having packages for my pal come in so, I could get it off. She sent it as a get well package. It definately brightened my day. Thank you Amanda! If you haven't checked out her etsy shop you shop, she has some the softest yarns in great colors. Go on check her out, she won't let you down. She has free shipping, just cause she is sweet like that and she does great custom orders, she did one for me last swap.

Topics of The Week - D the W D

Ok, hostesses aren't perfect sometimes we are doing good to keep up but I have no excuse so I give you Topics of the Week 3 and 4.

Here is my yarn for my dishcloths, with a couple of colors that I frogged and need to wind up.
Here is my dishcloth needles. Two size 7 Bamboo - Clovers, One size 7 Surina Wood needles and One set of size 8 Brittany Birch. I have some size 7 metal circulars, but this is what I prefer for dishcloths.

" Defeat the Winter Doldrums" for some of us we get the doldrums and others don't. For the ones who get doldrums what helps you get rid of them? For the ones who don't get the doldrums, what helps you keep them away?
Chatting with my friends, and knit night on Thursdays the last few weeks has been doing a pretty good job of keeping the doldrums away.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Look Who Is At My Thursday Knit Night

Waiting what 6 months I got to meet Jessi. Her husband schedule has changed and that leaves her open to come. It was because of Jessi I started meeting with the girls on Thursday night. What a sweetheart she is. She showed me how to cable and I got some sock yarn orders going. I got to see her spin on Cindy's gorgeous wheel. I enjoyed all my girls last night. I got to sit and talk to Ginger, Bibby and Kay for a good while. I was very immobile. We met with another group called the Knit Wits at this little deli call Matzos. The food was good, the company was better. If you want to check all the girls out you can check them out on the Alabama Chicks with Sticks blog. Thank you my friend for driving me.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

A few Thank You's are in order and I guess a post. Most of you who visit know, but those of you who don't know, I had surgery last Thursday. Just a female one and all I have to say, is the fact no more periods are good thoughts going through my head. My sister wanted to be there, but she is touring the California coast on a 2 week road trip with 4 girls. Right now, she is staying in her friend's Grandfather house in Hollywood. Living it up going to the hot spring spa's and eating at fine dining while the husband is in the field for two weeks in 10 below 0 degree weather. So, two days before surgery I go these and was threatened from miles away, that they were for after surgery. (he he I had to sneak a peek at what I had to look forward to)


I got home Friday around noon and I thought the boys were coming up the stairs, I got up to greet them and I greeted the flower man. Look how pretty from my cohostess Anne. I love them, they are so me. That picture was taken last night and they are more yellow than this and still gorgeous! Thank you Anne you are so sweet and thoughtful and I have enjoyed talking to you on the phone lately.

Yesterday, I was bored, and the post lady came to my door to deliver a package from the girls from my Thursday Knit Nights, which is tonight and one of them is coming to pick me up. Yay, Save my sanity, from going stir crazy! Oh, sorry my A.D.D. kicked in, back to the package. I got a book on Socks, which I plan to start my first pair while off. Some yummy Pirate sock yarn, the color is icsicle - greyish blue, white and grey and some cute pink heart stitchmarkers that is so me from Jessi's etsy shop. Go check it out she has yummy yarn and and cute stitch markers and she does custom orders as well, just tell her what you want. I am going to email her in just a minute for a custom order, back to the wonderful package that just made my boring day yesterday. I have only been going for 2 to 3 weeks and they came together to give me something so wonderful. They are so much fun and I have enjoyed the time I have gotten to spend and will continue to spend with them on Thursday nights. You girls rock!


Well, since I am off for four weeks, there is plenty of projects to come your way and more post than what has been recently.