Sunday, December 14, 2008

You Made This A Christmas To Remember

I hope everyone has had a great and wonderful holiday season. Mine has been great. I am hoping since it ended so good, that it is a good sign for me in the next year. The title comes from a song that I listened to when I use to decorate my parents tree by Dolly Parton & Kenny Rogers. To start my Christmas Season off, it started at the beginning of December where the girls I knit with got together at Cindy's house (who is an amazing hostess and her house is out of a magazine) for a very tasty lunch and cookie swap.

We played the game where you read the story and past the gift to the left or right. So, much fun.

Then the boys did the 12 days of Christmas. My first gift was on Dec. 13th for wonderful seats to Christmas Spectacular with The Radio City Rockettes.

If you are not in the Christmas spirit, this show will not let you walk away with out being in on afterwards. It is the most magical show and for all ages. Following this day I recieved gifts every day, which was alot of fun.

On December 23rd my family had our girls Christmas Eve, Eve party it is where all the cousins get together with our mom's and Grandmother and we have dinner and we do dirty Santa as well.
This year I cooked and I think it turned out pretty good. We had manicotti and salad.

This wasn't all that made it such a wonderful Holidays for me. I think because I didn't stress about getting Christmas bought for. I did it all the week after Thanksgiving and just sat back and watched all the packages be delivered to my office. Will do it again next year.

The boys and their cousin spent the night and we did a very cute Gingerbread house kit. The elves were busy all month and have returned safely to the North Pole.

I received sweet gift from the boys from the Santa shop, lots of jewelry. The best gift of all came the December 2oth, that was my acceptance letter, back into Nursing School. I start Jan 5th. So, I am ready to tackle this next year and get school put behind me once and for all.

Now that the holidays are over with I am co-hostessing the Cocoa Swap 2 with my sweet friend Michelle. Sign ups are now Dec. 28th - Jan 3rd. If you are interested head over and get sign up.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Who Needs A Little Warming Up?

It has been pretty chilly here in the South, for once we are not having 75-80 degree weather during the holidays. Today's forecast there is even mention of snow (yeah right). With cooler weather here I can always use something warm to drink to warm me up. It being the holidays I love some Hot Cocoa w/ marshmallows and a little peppermint in the bottom, gather up some knitting to work on and I am good to go.

With that thought in mind I wanted to mention that I will be co-hosting with Michelle on the 2nd round of the Cocoa Swap and sign ups begin December 28th, so check out the details.

Cocoa Swap 2

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Its About Time

I know, I know I haven't posted in quite some time. I do still knit and have alot of crafting projects for the holidays. Next week after I gift some I will post the project I have worked on for my friends. Its turned out to be pretty cute I think.
As for the holidays, just decorating and getting Christmas bought for, not waiting to the last minute this year.
I will have a post with pictures soon. I gotta get a charger for my camera, it has disappeared and the battery is dead.

See you soon.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Box!

My dishrag teams box made it to my house yesterday. The box looks good to have gone around the United States and been through not one but two hurricanes.
I got home from work and opened to some wonderful goodies. It was on then. I knew what I needed to do. So I got the caffeine going and it was on.
Here is the goodies, Nicole gave me. I love the cute dog project bag and the little needles. I had to use them last night to get my guage right. Nicole also included some other dishcloth patterns, a candle, some yarn for me and a precious dog calendar, 2009. I will put it up at work. So I worked til 12:40 a.m. and finished. Got it all packed to go home to Emily and shipped it on the way to work. Here is what the box looked like when I finished. You can tell what I decorated with.
There is goodies in the box that is suppose to stay in the box, so it was pretty tedious to get it packed for not just one, but two people. When I realized I was knitting for Natalie and not Emily, but Emily gets the goodies, Emily said I could include some to be sent to your captain with the dishcloth that you are knitting for her. Well, no pressure there to spoil the Captain and the host at the same time. So, I got it all in there.
This was my first tag, it was so much fun. Thanks Emily for hosting and Natalie for being a great Captain. :)

Monday, August 18, 2008

Ta Da!!!!!!!!!

I put down my Stardust sweater, which I don't lack much on, to finish my moms Birthday present that was last month. I don't guestimate very well on how long something will take. However, I casted off at midnight last night and this is how big it was unblocked. This is the Swirled Pearl Shawlette.

Here it is blocking. No wonder Grace's hubby is so great! Blocking is a pain, but look at the results in the end is what I tell myself.
This is my first hand at real lace other than a lace Dishcloth. It has its mistakes, I don't know how to fix lace I could repair some but there is just a couple of places that bigger holey areas than some.

Overall, I am pretty happy with the end results and I think mom will love it. I will gift it to her in the morning on the way to work. She has waited long enough.
The low down on the Shawlette:
Yarn: Lacey Lambs 100% Wool/ Double stranded
Needles: #7 Susan Bates Circulars
Crochet Hook: 1.10mm Boye
Beads: Mill Hill Black irredescent
Started First week of July.

Now back to my Stardust.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

A Son After My Own Heart

My oldest is growing up. A few weeks ago he turned 9. I couldn't believe it. He started school last week and he is in 3rd. I really couldn't believe that. Where did 1st and 2nd grade go to?
Well, my mother in law said, that every day in the summer he would come in and cook French Toast for himself. So, tonight he fixed it for the family.

It was so good. Here is before we sprinkled them with Powder sugar, cinnamon sugar and syrup.
Well, knitting is coming in the next coming days.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A Post for Prayers

Wow, today is the day that everyone I know needs prayer for their little ones. I read my email today and my heart sank with sadness for so many families of friends and actually family members. My friend Michelle is asking for prayers first off and if you are a knitter, for a 8x8 squares for friend of their familys little boy who is 7 has a inoperable brainstem tumor and is going to be going through some experimental treatments and radiation. To read more of the details, go here.

Second email of the day was one from my Cousin, her 3 month old nephew just had a nodule removed from his adrenal gland and the biopsy came back as a Neuroblastoma. The adrenal gland is secondary so they are going to have to find out where the primary site is. This is a very common cancer for kids, if it is found before they are two they a better chance of surviving. This family has been through so much this year and they put their faith in God and he came through for them. The dad of the infant just battled a year of colon cancer and is now clean. Please pray for this family, they need it. To follow how he is doing and what is going on, he has a website here.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

A Month Off (but not really)

Well, it has been a complete month away from blogging. I still check my blogging friends blogs 2-3 times a week, but July has been hectic. I have had to buckle down in school, even though it is one class, I need a "A" and want an "A". I just found that I had to give something up and blogging was it. I didn't really take a month off, I wish that was possible, but don't we all. I am working and looking forward to a beach vacation at the end of August and not a Medical vacation this time (I have had enough of those this year already).

July is a busy month my mom, my brother, Austin and I all have Birthday's. I missed my mom's. It is ritual to call her early in the morning and sing to her, (and no I can't sing) but instead that day I was busy working, going to school and trying to be mighty nurse to my dad and brothere who are one state away (in Florida). So, I the bad daughter missed it, but I did make it up to her, and surprised her to go see "Mamma Mia" opening weekend. It was good to watch that with her.

I did take a day off from work and went with the boys to Alabama Adventures with my brother, the week of his birthday. Can't pass up discount tickets. We went with some of his friends and their little girl and my nephew. We had so much fun. I love waterslides. I had a test that night, so off and on through the day the boys and I would get in the lazy river in my tube, the boys would push me away from the waterfalls so I wouldn't get wet and my study guide get wet. Made for some great study time. I made an "A".

Then for Austin's birthday he chose instead of a birthday party to take a friend, grab some dinner and go see Tony Hawk. So we did and that is Tony in the light blue. Hard to believe he is 45. The boys loved it. We stayed afterwards and got one of the guys autograph, but not Tony's. I am sure we will be doing it again next year.
We did make the rounds on both sides of the family for a Birthday meal and cake.
After celebrating our Birthdays, we pack the hubby up to go to Montgomery to take the bar. We find out the end of September if he passed. I hope he did.

I made it to some knit nights and I have been working very hard on my moms birthday present. I think will be finished in a little over a week. I can't wait to show. I had to put my Stardust down to get the Birthday present done.
I take my last final Monday and I am done. I will be so happy. I have taken the fall off, and will be awaiting to see if I get in nursing school.
In the meantime while waiting on nursing school, I did sign up for Dish Rag Tag. Something easy. I have lots of projects I want to do. Oh yea, football season is coming up and you know what that means for me. Saturdays to myself the boys all go to the in laws for football fun. I stay home and have the house myself, well and Max of course who is doing very well.

Well I guess that is it until my final is over.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Hope you all have a safe weekend, celebrating our Independence!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

A Full Week

I went back to work Tuesday after being off a week (once again - not cause I wanted to). When I am off from when I have surgery, I live on the computer and get so much knitting done. No FO's sorry, but much progress on my Stardust. Work this week was a little much, I was out of time for being off and when you have bills to pay, you have to work. The group I work with are so understanding and don't let me push it to walk all over the hospital.

Yesterday, I was a volunteer for the 1st annual Jenny's Light Golf Tournament on Saturday. It was a huge success and lots of fun. If you remember back on December 31st in the post I mentioned of a tragic story that affected us at work tremendously. A few months after this tragic event, one of our 3rd year residents suggested that the day of graduation where all the residents and wives enjoy a day at a golf place to say good bye to the chiefs while the guys play golf, that they make this the 1st annual Golf tournament for the Charity the family had set up in memory of Jenny and Graham Bankston. We thought we would be doing good to break even and be able to write a check for a small amount to go to Jenny's Light, little did we know that our efforts would bring such a great return. We started before 7 a.m. and ended with a lunch for the golfers and a raffle with great prizes around 2 p.m.. At the lunch and raffle part one of the chairs did make the announcement that the total wasn't complete, but we didn't only break even but we were going to be able to donate over $50,000 to Jenny's Light. It just sent chill bumps. The cheif residents were one of the last ones to come around at the hole I was sitting at, which is the longest drive. The one thing that stuck in my mind the rest of the day and still brings tears to my eyes is when Chip (Jenny's spouse) got up to tee off and one of his long time friend/resident said, " Chip this is all you, hit one to the heaven's!" He didn't get the longest drive but he hit it as if it would reach the heavens. This was a great and rewarding day to end my week on.

Up for next week, I have a test in my speech class, and a speech the next week. I will have my blogiversary this week as well.

Please go over and send Chan some hugs for her and her Knight. They have lossed a very special loved one, their pop. They have a pretty rough day ahead tomorrow.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Listen Up

I only have a few minutes. Grace who does amazing lacework and produces shawls after shawls and ships them off to family, friends and strangers has entered her lace shawl in a contest. Head on over and look at her gorgeous entry. Then if you wish vote for Grace's "Lovin Comfort Shawl". I know many of you have been blessed to receive one of her shawls, just as I have and truly her shawl's are pure comfort. It doesn't matter if you are in jeans and a T-shirt, gown or dressed up to go. You can just feel the love that she pours into each and everyone of them as you sit and admire the gorgeous lace work wrapped around you.

Next up, Go on over visit Darcy she is celebrating her 200th post, tell her I sent you if you want or not. For her contest, simply tell her what keeps you coming back to read peoples blogs. That is one entry. Link her from your page about the contest, entry #2. If someone tells her that they heard of her contest from you, 3rd entry. Easy as pie. She has some awesome prizes. I hope I win one.
So, what are you waiting for????????? Go vote and go enter into the contest for some wonderful goodies.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Max On Thursday- Sleeping Style

Forget the bed we bought Max, he no longer sleeps in it. He sleeps where ever he decides to make his bed. I have caught him burried under a pile of dirty clothes, on top of books, just anywhere.

Most mornings I find him at the foot of the boys bed, at the foot of my bed or in the recliner. He doesn't want the boys to get any attention when you go to wake them, he will snuggle in between you and them so maybe he will get all the attention first hand. This morning this is where I found him. Sacked out in between the boys, his head is on the pillow as well.

One afternoon my youngest decided to take a nap and I found him asleep with him. My youngest had been pouting because his brother was invited to a party and he wasn't. Pretty sweet picture. Max even has his sweet paw across our little guy.
Last week, the boys went to bed and Max was sprawled out on the floor, he got up from his spot and look where he went to sleep all night long!!!!!!!!!!!

I wanted to dance and shout but you know the rule, never wake a sleeping child. Max finally got into his crate without us fighting and bribing him to go. He realizes that is his own space. I was so happy he has finally adjusted.

Happy Dogs on Thursday!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, June 6, 2008

I Am Getting Closer

I am one post closer to my 100th post and a blogiversary. Stay tuned for a contest in the next upcoming weeks.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

I Won!

A few weeks back I posted about Alana over at Strings and Purls was having her blogiversary and a contest, I won. I got to chose which book I wanted and which yarn.

I chose the Debbie Bliss Home and the Blue Sky Cotton.

That Blue Sky is so soft. Love it.

That's not all she sent, she sent these cute stitch markers, look at the box they came in. Alana would be someone I would enjoy having tea with. I got to spoil her in the dishcloth swap. She is a sweetheart, and someone I would love to sit over tea and chat with.

As if that wasn't enough she sent this as well. A cute springy notepad (you can never have enough), a mirror in the shape of a flower and Creamy toffee and almond Hershey's Chocolate Treasures. Thank you Alana for my Goodies! Now to find a
pattern to work on. I like the pillows.

Well, I had to share with you my little guy lost not one but both of his front, top teeth all in one week. He racked up on the $$$$$. He is so proud of his new tooth that is coming in that he kept coming up to me and showing me.

I do have a FO as well. Here is a pot holder I finished a couple of weeks ago for Chan and the Knight. She likes the bee story and so, since it was a spring coffee swap,

I chose bee material for the back. I think I will have to make some more of these. They are easy, except for the stitching on the back. I couldn't get it to go through the sewing machine.

I start class tomorrow for my speech class, so I can get back in school.
That is about it for me for this week.

Friday, May 23, 2008


Thank Goodness It's Friday. I am so glad work is over with this week, I guess, since I am still recooping from last Friday, my days just seem so long. I was even off Monday and it still seemed like a long week. I was off two days and had alot of catching up to do. Oh, well it is over with and now to enjoy a long weekend, I am going to clean, knit, dig in the dirt and cook out with family. Hope nothing gets in my way. Just alot to do and I am sure Tuesday will be here before you know it.

Well, if you haven't grabbed your cup of something to sip, you better. It wasn't a bad week, I would say just long. Halfway through (Wednesday) I got my Coffee Swap package, that would be Coffee Swapping mine and Chan's way. Yes I chose to spoil her, because swap after swap, I never had the chance to spoil her and she felt the same so, we asked for eachother. Look at the goodies! There were the Caramel Chocolate Werthers (no Michelle you can't have them, if you were here I would share), Look at the little teabag holder with the beach scene, that is from The Outer Banks. I got one of Anita's tape measurer. See the soap, you use it and it felts. Cute stitchmarkers our coffee style. Then these instructions on "Kirtchner Stitch and The Wee Little Sock".

If you are visiting from the Coffee Swap and wondering, if I am posting the right package, I am! So coffee Chan's style for me is tea of all different flavors. I like Coffee, but after the last coffee swap, and surgery I just have gone through a bad spell where it makes me nauseated. At the given time I wasn't drinking to much, but I had told Chan how much I still am drinking tea. So, I got all the stuff for tea. See that Glass tea pot with the filter, pretty cool huh? There is tea for two tea balls for when I get to have tea with Chan. The mug is so pretty and elegant. It is very special because it coordinates with the one she gave Michelle and the one she has. If I could have tea with Chan and Michelle and a few other of my girl blogging friends, that would be wonderful and probably one of the best moments to share with eachother.

Here is "My Coffee". We have some to start the day off, the NUMI- Golden Chai is wonderful. I am a Stash girl Chai Spice girl and I am loving this stuff, that Stash has been pushed aside. I can not wait to try the Revolution - Earl Grey and Lavender. For later on in the day there is White Jasmine with Rosebuds in the pink canister - (I see now why this is the girl at the stores favorite) and when I go to bed, there is Yogi Tea - Bedtime. Chan said, it is better than any sleeping drug. That is a Honey bear at the bottom.

Look at the cute bag. I love it. I don't have a whole lot of project bags. The print is so me.
I save the best for last, Just look at this Oh so Yummy Yarn. The back is Superwash, Sock Yarn in a tannish brown, pink and light blue.
The one in front, I can see why it was hard to say Bye-bye. It's some of my sweet friend Amanda's yarn from her etsy shop. Its so soft with a blend of Wool and Bamboo. I have received so much great yarn lately, I can't wait to produce some projects with it.
Great package, huh? You know, even if she hadn't spoiled me rotten, I would love me some Chan everyday. I met her close to this time last year, she was my hostess and over the year, by internet and by phone I have grown to love her. I long for the day when I get to wrap my arms around her neck. Thank you Chan for always being so sweet and wonderful to talk to.
Well, that is it for tonight. I need to get my rest so, I can do what all I want to do this weekend. Hopefully I will be back tomorrow, I several things to post about.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

What Is A Girl To Do

What is a girl to do with such great girl friends? My conspiring girlfriends from here and a far got together and didn't want me to have to cook, since I had surgery Friday. They brought in pizza, Rocky Roads Icecream, and some yarn (that Anne had dyed for me). The girls to blame for all this wonderful goodness would be Anne, Jessi and last but not least Michelle.
Guess what she named the yarn? It is named "Holly Hobby". She had Miss Jessi dye it for me.
It is soft and sqooshy. It is 80% superwash Merino Wool and 20% Bamboo. I think if I ever finish my first pair of socks, then this will be my next pair.
Thank you girls for taking care of me. Oh, and which one of you knew that if Jessi's girlchild came along, it would just brighten my day that much more and make me smile. Don't ever listen to Jessi, that child is precious. She even told me she loved me in the sweetest voice. I love that child. She is just as precious as her mother. Thank You Girls!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A Contest!

Hey head over to my blogger friend Alana and wish her Happy Blogiversary, oh and check it out she has a contest going as well.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Thank You Grace!

Back in March, Grace over at Lovin Comfort Knits posted this gorgeous shawl. If you scroll through her blog, you will see some gorgeous lace work, and she produces them so fast. You will also find some pretty amazing art work, by none other than her talented husband.
Well, after spending a wonderful day out with my mother shopping and eating at the Cheesecake Factory, and then going to my oldest sons baseball game I came home to a box, that had this in it with some yummy teas I can not wait to try. I have already tried the Cinnamon red tea and it was yummy. Isn't it gorgeous and looking at the pictures, I think I snapped the picture of it backwards. I will get a picture all wrapped up in it this week and post it. The colors are amazing and totally what I would pick out.
I see why Grace is "Lovin Comfort Knits" she is so kind and giving of her gorgeous works, and she always sends it when needing comforting. I will be all wrapped up this weekend after surgery on Friday. We have two more very late games Monday and Tuesday and as it turns off cooler at night, I will be all wrapped up in it watching my little guy play. Thank You Grace for the totally unexpected gift!

Happy Mothers Day!

Too all my blogging girls out there, I hope you all had a wonderful Mothers Day. I hope you all had a chance to make time for yourself. It was a beautiful day here. I got to take a nap and knit, what more could a girl ask for, we also made the rounds and spent time with families.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Look Sis I Am Growing Up Too

Well, my sister posted this last week, her new grown up bed room that she made the bedding and curtains. She is so talented. Well, sis I know its not complete yet we need a facet for the sink, pictures, shelves, and little odd and ends, but I just wanted to give you a glimpse of the bathroom. It's totally different.
Here is the old look, when we layed the white marble tile, took the vanity out and the toilet.
Here is the new bathroom. The walls are gold. I wasn't sure I was going to like it but now that I am adding to it, I love it. Just what I as going for.

Here is the pedestal sink we put in, its not finished yet.
We also have a new toilet.
Here is the shower curtain. It has some red. Everything is done with bronze, mirror, curtain rod.

I said I had been busy decorating. This is one room. The other bath and bedroom have changed color and my dad's girlfriend (the interior decorator) is coming for dinner tomorrow, to discuss bedding for the bedroom. We have finished one child's room with one to go. That will leave us with the den and kitchen, in hopes it will be done before Christmas for some Christmas parties here.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Long Over Do and Max on Thursday

I am still here, not even depressed. To be honest, it is spring and I am wrapped up in 3 games a week, and gardening, trying to remodel house, plan a beach trip, plan a charity golf tournament, and take care of everyday life. Just busy. I miss my online friends but at least it is all doing stuff I enjoy. Speaking of baseball, I have to admit, my oldest won their 2nd game 20-10, tonight. Go Indians! That was some proud parents. They played so hard, against a team that crushed them 20 to like 8 last Saturday.

Here is my newest love in my house. Our other refrigerator died and so I got what I wanted.
There is so much room. It makes me so happy to open these doors and to be able to find everything. Since I just got it and we were gone the day our refrigerator died when we got home, everything was hot, so I am in the process of replinishing the spacious one with condiments, milk, veggies and fruit. It's spring and I love summer fruit! The best dessert anyone can ask for Pineapple. I also love me some really ripe tomatoes for sandwiches and salads.

Here is the freezer. It pulls out with two really deep drawers.

I have been knitting and here is many pictures here for proof. I know it looks like a case of STARTITIS.

These are some socks I started. They are just 2x2 ribbed ankle socks that will match my scrubs. I really am loving it when I pick these up to work on.

Here it is on my ankle and heel. I think I will really like them when they are done.

#2 WIP
This is the back 2x2 ribbed of my Stardust summer sweater. This is another project I am looking forward to finishing for summer. This is the end of the ribbed, I am ready for the Lace part now. So, we will see how much I love it once I get it started. #3 WIP
This is the Pearled Swirled Lace Shawl I started. Now this Lace project I am in love with. I thought lace would be so hard but it isn't. I am even adding beads as I go. This is 21 rows and I have 20 more to go, so many, many increases.

I tried to get a close up with the beads, they are irredescent black, they have a shimmer to them. This Christmas present will have to wait.
I do have a secret project I am working on. I will post when it arrives to its destination.

Last and certainly not least. Here is a picture of my oldest son and our precious Max. Max really hates when I get the camera out, he walks away.
Just a update on him. He still wimpers when we leave him, but he does settle down and as of the other day, for the first time he was lying down in his crate when I walked out the door to go to work. So, it is getting better day by day. He really hates the days when the boys on the weekends have party plans and they leave. He feels that is his time with the boys. So, I think you are all caught up on all the going ons in my life right now. A little hectic, but at least life is good.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Dogs on Thursday - Max as a baby

I said that we knew Max when he was little. Well, here is a picture I found of him when he first started roaming the neighborhood. It was taken last summer, I think in August. The vet says he is probably 18 months, I think he may be a little younger. I should of just took him in then, but he had a collar back then. Shortly after this picture, he didn't and he was at everyone in the neighbor hoods home. He has always had the best little temperment and been great with the boys.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Coffee Talk: Topic #2

Since some of us is beginning to see glimpse of Spring, while others are still getting snow have you change what projects are working on? Have you put away the hats, scarfs and mittens, and brought out the cute tank top sweater projects and lacy wraps? Have you change yarn to something more lighter and cooler, not so heavy and bulky?

I am doing a mixture really. I am working on these days a summer sweater from winter 2007 Knitty, Stardust. I decided to substitute the yarn for Brown Sheeps Cotton, in a robin eggs blue color. I am also working on the Swirled Pearl Shawlette, it is in Black Lacy Lambs Wool. It is a project to be given away next winter. I have been working on a pair of Superwash wool sport weight socks, in very wintery colors, that I dyed. Royal Blue, and a burgandy pinkish color.

What is the one thing that starts in Spring? ARE YOU READY FOR SOME BASEBALL? Well baseball has begun for us. I am the team mom (I know, I really don't need anything else on my plate). We are at the park at least 2 to 3 times a week and that is just with the oldest child, the youngest didn't want to play or we would be there alot more, on two different teams. However, I am able to cheer those Indians on while having my own STITCH AND PITCH. I will leave you with some pictures.

I think this guy is pretty cute if I say so myself.